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Tips on Which Hero to Choose If You Are a Beginner in Dota


In the article, we will briefly tell about each character, whether it is suitable for a novice player, whether he cannot let the team down, but on the contrary, be useful. If you are a newbie who first heard about Dota and opened this guide, first, you're recommended to open the guide, which tells in detail about all the terms, such as Carry, farming, etc. Learning everything about Dota heroes, you will increase your chances to win on while betting.

Which Hero to Choose If You Are a Novice?

Learn more about the heroes:

  • Alchemist. The alchemist is a damage powerman with a small amount of HP, which is rare. You aren't advised to choose this hero. The hero is very powerful, but not for beginners, little armor, hp, dependent on things.
  • Bistmaster is a universal hero, good skills, good damage, but requires good control. On average, the hero is not bad for a beginner but there is a better choice for a beginner.
  • Brumaster - like Bistmaster, a rare hero, but overall, strong. A lot of high speed, great ult, but a small increase in intelligence (not enough mana, also ult requires good control).
  • Bristleback - Novice should not choose this hero. The only thing you can do for him is to tank. To make him a carry, you need experience not only playing Dota but also specifically for this hero. Do not take this hero until gaining some experience.
  • Centaur - A huge amount of HP, great skills, good damage, great potential of the tank. Imba-hero, banned in the captain-mode. It is highly recommended to be chosen by beginners. The only negative feature is a small attack speed.
  • Clovercraft - do not take this hero, it is intended exclusively for tanking. If you try, you can make a carry out of it, but for this you need a serious experience of the game.
  • Dragon Knight, Davion is a good hero, especially since he should already be familiar with the training for a beginner, so familiarity with the hero will be faster. High armor, good nuke, long camp.
  • Ershaker- Imbo-stunner, one of the few security officials who does not possess the potential of a tank. In general, the hero is simple, and therefore suitable for a beginner, but there are better options, so think three times before taking this hero.
  • Hélder Titan is a new hero, resembling Ershaker but here the potential of the tank is enormous. A good camp, a great ult, but the skills are aimed not at the hero but at the terrain, and this is noticeably more difficult.
  • Hoskar - he is also a “noob-hero”, thanks to his passive ability, he bends everything and everyone in direct hands.
  • Kunk is a complex hero, but a very versatile hero - Carry, tank, staner, support. However, you shouldn't take it, if you are a novice. All skills are quite difficult to perform, especially ultimate.
  • Omniknight is the best healer in DotA, and therefore, if you are not ready to give all frags to your carry, do not take support (which Omnik is). And again, in general, the hero is not for a beginner.

Choose the best hero for you and get started!


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