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Overwatch: Tactics of the Game on the Kings Row Map


The town of Kings Row was built by omnists in the heart of England before the crisis. Now its cobbled streets are the center of conflict between humans and robots. After the human government refused to recognize the rights of omnists, they had to hide in an underground city, so the tension between the two warring parties is growing every day. According to the latest rumors, one of the people wants to use the device with EMP to completely clean the city of robots.

The actions of the players are strongly dependent on which side they belong to. Below are tips for some of the popular characters. Hope that the knowledge of tactics will help you when betting on

Tips for Attackers

  • Reinhardt is extremely effective in breaking through to the place where a car appeared and moving it. His shield in most cases covers the streets across the width, but do not forget to look back.
  • An angel can choose his place to taste and sit there, hiding from the eyes of the enemy and healing allies without unnecessary risk. Paired with Reinhardt, covering the team with a shield, the Angel allows the allies to inflict wild damage and resurrects them if necessary.
  • On this map, Tracer can easily get behind his back to the defenders and even take part in capturing the cargo that has appeared, if there are no opponents next to him. There is also an option in which several Tracer run straight to the load and pick it up before the defenders manage to get close. This technique is suitable for playing with opponents who have not too much experience in Kings Row.
  • Farra is perfect for the protection of cargo - both at the initial seizure and when moving. There are several convenient points from which it is possible to fire at enemies with rockets, and quite a few open spaces intended for rocket volleys.

Tips for Defenders

  • Watch out for snipers! Opponents (especially Widows and Handzo) can climb high platforms (as a rule, they choose the roof of the building where attackers start the game).
  • Remember that the streets of Kings Row are very narrow, and choose heroes who can benefit from it. For example, AoE attacks do not allow opponents to approach the load.
  • The most successful choice for this card will be the Widow (provided that you know how to play it). The elevated platforms on which she may lie low are small enough for the Poisonous Mine to warn her of the appearance of enemy units or even to kill them. Place mines as early as possible.
  • Symmetra can arrange protective turrets on the entire map. The Kings Row map is full of cramped spaces, and the appearance of annoying turrets in them will be an unpleasant surprise for opponents. Cover your allies with shields and teleport them closer to the battlefield.
  • Despite the fact that May appeared in the game not so long ago, she had already managed to prove her suitability for the Kings Row battle. Its Ice Wall completely blocks the streets, which is very unpleasant for attackers who have lost control of the cargo.

Use these tips to win the game!


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