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The Most Popular Boxing Betting Strategies


The betting strategies for boxing matches do not guarantee a win, they only suggest options, and the bettor himself modifies them and decides whether to trust one strategy or another and with which bankroll management option to combine it. Try when you learn more about betting strategies.

Dangerous Misconceptions in Betting on Battles

The clear favorite in boxing always wins. A common mistake for beginners is to collect favorites with coefficients from 1.01 to 1.50 into express trains. By the number of sensations, boxing is no different from other sports, where favorites with 1.10 coefficients are easily able to lose. Rely only on the statistics of the last battles. The bettors, who have realized the importance of analysts, decide to sort out the match based on the results of the last battles.

And although the analysis of statistics is useful (for example, to identify an uncomfortable opponent), however in boxing its significance is much lower than in team sports. This is due to the irregularity of the battles. The breaks between fights for more than a year, during this time the form of a fighter may change. Managers of a boxer can pick up convenient opponents, which is why the winning series will look impressive, but not reflect the real strength of a fighter.

Make a Bet in Advance So That the Coefficient Doesn't Decrease

The line for a boxing match, as a rule, appears long before the fight. This makes the bettors want to bet in advance to protect themselves from a possible drop in the coefficient. However, it is more reasonable to wait until the last moment; right before the fight, boxers sometimes have problems with weight reduction (or weight gain), which can affect the character of the fight. In addition, the very change in the coefficient (if it is not a popular battle, which the whole world is waiting for) can tell in which direction the professional bettors are moving the line.

The Benefits of Betting on Systems in Boxing

Due to the huge number of factors, predicting the outcome of a particular fight is problematic even for a person who understands boxing. In addition, boxing is a show where the plot and the result are planned. Application of betting strategies is aimed at long-term profit. In boxing, there are the same strategies as in any other sports. Strategies can be divided into 3 groups: based on draw in a period, fixed amount of bet and forks.

The odds of winning a favorite in a single round are above 10.0. The chances that he will win ahead of schedule are considerable. This allows you to apply to the victory to the favorite or knockout in the round.

For example, bet on winning the favorite in the 3rd round. In case of losing a bet, we bet to win the 4th round and so on until the bet is played. Given the high odds, the first steps will not even require an increase in the size of the bet. Check the guide before betting here.


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