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The Best Online Brokers for Stock Trading


In the fight for customers, investment brokers are trying to beat each other fiercely. They are offering pretty similar services, including trading mechanisms and managed investment tools. Also, they're also closely matching one another in service charges. Thus, deciding on the best online broker for stock trading is closely associated with the type of trading you are going to do. Some companies are more general in their investment strategy. Others are niche-focused, paying attention to trading or more advanced investing. You can pick up the broker that best addresses your investment approach.

At, you will see the three best online brokers for stock trading. Each is good at something particular, so it will be easier for you to make the final decision.


Forex4youForex4you is a company for efficient trading purposes that has been established in 2007. It provides traders and investors with a unique opportunity to enter the interbank market and boost profit by trading in Forex. The broker's routine is determined by the SIBA's license. All customers' money is collected at different banks.

Forex4You is a considered to be a relatively small fish for personal traders, so it has made a reputation for itself with retail traders. There is one big plus of this broker for newcomers is the opportunity to create cents trading accounts. Let's be honest, that is something not all broker can offer. Currently, there is a single trading platform available. At the same time, this shouldn't be viewed too much of a disadvantage, as it is a reliable and well-known MetaTrader 4 (MT4). It is one of the platforms developed and supported by MetaQuotes Software. It is applied by a great number of online Forex brokers, and can be installed directly from the website or via Forex4You. The following advantages of Forex5you can be highlighted:

  • Trading is possible in currency, precious metals and CFD for shares;
  • Special terms being used for VIP traders;
  • Comfortable and efficient cooperation program;
  • Training materials for trading purposes;
  • Depository services for customers who deposit over $100 000.

The broker's trading is processed on the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. Moreover, customers can download and install the Forex4you service, which functions as the trading platform and the Personal Account.

MetaTrader 4 trading platform


NPBFXNPBFX has been operating in the Forex market since 1996. Thanks to the NPBTrader terminal, there is a connection between its developed technology and providers of liquidity in the interbank market. Being licensed by the IFSC, this broker managed to offer innovative STP/NDD mechanism which eradicated conflict of interest. NPBFX is serving its customers through the MetaTrader 4 trading platform which is related to a liquidity aggregator which enables customers to proceed with the transactions through Tier 1 banks. This broker cooperates with customers of all kinds from all over the world including individual traders who have their own trading approaches, scalpers, algorithmic traders, high volume traders, and institutional customers. By seeing the following link, you will get familiar with the broker's advantages:

  • Efficient broker customer service model;
  • STP/NDD technology used for all transactions at attractive market prices and no conflict of interest;
  • High quality and speedy transaction enabled by advanced technology hardware and software;
  • Multilingual analytical portal with multiple videos and analytical materials as well as efficient mechanisms for forecasting rates;
  • MetaTrader 4 trading platform available for the use via PC or mobile device.


ForexClubForexClub is an online broker that has been established in 1997. Thanks to the professional strategy, favorable terms of trade, great collection of trading mechanisms, the company gained international recognition. Various resources for trading are on offer to customers; these incude the MT4, MT5 and Rumus. There is also a proprietary resource known as "Libertex".

At, here are the major advantages of ForexCLub include:

  • Reassurance of high capitalization and long track records;
  • Well-produced videos in the video collection;
  • A good choice of resources such as the MT4, MT5 and the proprietary LIbertex platform.

Closing Note

In the Internet, you will find many lists with numeric ranking to all the major brokerage companies available. Considering the fees, range of services, efficiency in the market, and some other aspects, you will manage to make the right choice by finding the best broker for a long-term use. If you know what your niche is, you can easily proceed with the search for a top broker.

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