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This billiards site was started in 1999 out of our love for the game, and it has evolved into a valuable resource for people who love to play pool. We have gathered information for both the beginner and the experienced pool player who is looking to improve their billiards game. Tips and articles from professional pool players and instructors such as The Monk will help you develop your best game.

We have recently added new pages to the site based on people's requests. For instance, we have been asked about building your own pool table, free pool table plans, and so forth. As a result, we now have an article giving you information about building your own pool table.

Another topic that we regularly hear about are inquiries about various cues. Are you looking for a pool cue or want to know the various parts of a cue? The you may benefit from our page about pool cues.

We will soon be adding additional articles, such as pool and billiards accessories, designing a pool room, and more.

Please tell us if you have a subject that you'd like to see here.

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Twin Cities Billiards also brings you a listing of Minnesota billiards locations.

We feature articles about 8-ball & 9-ball, how to improve your billiard game, and pool and billiards in general.

After you read our articles and look at our Places To Play page, check out our billiards links.

All in all, we're an excellent resource for your billiards and pool needs. cue

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Whether you spell it billiards table, billard, biliard, biliards, or just plain pool table, this is the place to look in Minnesota!

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